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Garden design and maintenance

Garden maintenance

Naturally, your garden has to look beautiful all year round, and proper garden maintenance is a key factor to keeping your garden in the optimum condition at all times. If you want to be ensured of a beautiful looking garden all year long, proper and professional garden maintenance isn’t a luxury item. We at Albir Multiservicios keep your garden free of weeds, we prune the plants, bushes and trees, we trim the hedges, and of course we understand the need for correct fertilization of the garden.

We at Albir Multiservicios have the knowledge and skills to not only maintain your garden, but to improve on its appeal.

The frequency of garden maintenance depends on the type of garden, and also if you have a lawn in your garden or not. Because of the many factors we adjust the maintenance of your garden according to your desires. In accordance to your wishes we can engage in a complete maintenance contract that meets the requirements of your garden, or we can come to perform maintenance on a one-of basis when you need it done.

We service gardens for maintenance both for individuals and businesses. If you want more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us today.

Garden design and construction

Construction of a (new) garden isn’t something that you do very often. That is why it is an enormous challenge! Where and how do you start? Do you want grass, artificial grass, plants and trees, or maybe a rock garden? Primarily it is of importance to know what your garden is supposed to look like when it is done. We can help you with that by taking inventory of all your wishes and requirements, taking note of where the garden is going to be located, and based on that information we will make a customised design for your garden. Or perhaps you want to have your existing garden renovated and rejuvenated. This is also a job that we can do for you.

As soon as it is clear what the garden is supposed to look like, we will provide you with a detailed proposal. Our workers aren’t only ready and capable of handling a shovel, they are also accomplished in construction. In other words, we take care of the entire build of your garden, from start to finish. We do everything from the plantation, decorative street work, earthwork and ponds to lighting solutions and roofing/coverage.

Your new or renovated garden is good to go for years to come!

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