Notary Public and Judicial Affairs

Notary Public and Judicial Affairs

Even for matters that require the service of a Public Notary and Judicial Affairs, Albir Multiservicios has the expertise that you require.

It is a fact of life that here in Spain there is a large demand for professional judicial assistance and support when it comes to the affairs surrounding real estate matters as well as debt collection issues.  Our public notary will aid you in dealing with passing legal documents through the system.

Our solicitor gives you legal and financial advice that you, as a potential buyer of real estate here in Spain, will need.   Experience from the past has proven that sound advice and assistance from a solicitor is absolutely essential for you.

We can also aid you with other matters that require judicial advice or assistance from a public notary, such as (income) taxes, labour regulations and laws, divorce matters, heritage law, social security, etc.

We work very efficiently with renowned solicitor offices and notary offices.

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