Alarm systems and CCTV solutions

Albir Multiservicios has in-house specialists who supply and install alarm systems for individuals as well as businesses.  Having an alarm system installed decreases the chance that your home or business will be broken into.

An alarm system consists of 3 integral parts:

1. The detectors

Detector elements register intruders.  You can choose from different types of detectors, like wall-mounted motion detectors and magnet-switch detectors on doors and windows, or you can have a combination of detectors.  Detectors are powered by your regular electrical installation or they are battery operated (and can be both).

2. The central alarm unit

The alarm unit receives signals from the detectors, and when an intrusion is detected the central alarm unit activates the actual alarm.

3. The alarm

You can choose for an audible alarm sounder, a bright flashing strobe-light or a combination of both for the alarm.

TIP!  You can have an alarm system installed that guards all spaces your home at the same time, or a split system that guards certain areas, for example divided per floor.  This has a great advantage, as it allows you to freely walk about on the upstairs floor whilst all of the downstairs rooms are already covered by the alarm system.

CCTV installations

The abbreviation CCTV stands for “Closed Caption Television” with security cameras.  The newest generation of CCTV cameras live up to all desirable specification requirements due to the modern techniques used.  They are even available as wireless units.   If you are looking for a fool-proof solution then we will install the complete system for you, completely adapted to your needs, and we can do so as a wired system or a wireless system, or a combination.

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