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Air Conditioning

A comfortable indoors living-space with air conditioning solutions from Albir Multiservicios. Your life in Spain becomes even better with the right temperature and humidity.

Why air conditioning?

You feel most comfortable with a certain temperature and humidity. Air conditioning makes it possible to control those two factors. A constant and desirable temperature makes it comfortable to be in a living space. What is even more important is the level of humidity.

The human body loses heat through the emission of moisture. If the surrounding air is saturated with moisture, the body can't lose heat efficiently enough, ensuing in a muggy feeling. Air conditioning doesn't only provide cool air during hot days, but it dehumidifies the air, which results in a comfortable indoors climate.

So that you will gain the optimal results from your new air conditioning installation, we will accurately calculate the required capacity for your living or work space, after which you can choose the model that fits best in your home or business.

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