Pool Maintenance


Pools: Construction and Maintenance

Albir Multiservicios has established a respectable reputation when it comes to Pool Maintenance.
With our knowledge and experience we know which chemicals to use for the pool-water, in order to keep your pool in optimal condition. You do not have to worry about the acidity-level and correct quantity of chlorine. A perfect balance of chemicals in the water means that you can swim your daily laps without any worries, and the children can enjoy swimming and playing in the pool each and every season again.
If you so desire, Albir Multiservicios can also do a full renovation of your pool, or take care of the design and construction of your new pool.

Switching to a salt water system

If you are interested in switching over to a salt water pool, Albir Multiservicios is specialized to convert the system.
There are many advantages to using swimming pool salt over the use of chlorine. When using pool salt for your pool, chlorine isn't used to add at all anymore. Liquid chlorine is a corrosive agent. It causes an itchy irritated skin, red eyes, and it bleaches clothing and hair.
The electrolysis-pump system of a saltwater pool requires very little maintenance. This pump extracts salt from the pool water in order to convert it to natural chlorine. Therefore, the most important is that there is always sufficient salt in the water for the electrolysis to take place properly. The initial investment to purchase an electrolysis pump is relatively expensive, but because of the low maintenance costs, the pump pays for itself over time.
Is it all good? Generally speaking, yes! The only thing that you have to be careful about is that the materials in the pool are made of plastics and stainless steel, as the salt in the water can cause corrosion of other materials. However, the pros of a saltwater pool outweigh the cons by far.
• It is better for the skin
• No more eye-irritation
• Green hair is a thing of the past
• Protection of the entire installation (pump / filter / plumbing system)
• It all fits on your current installation
• Lower maintenance costs
Albir Multiservicios offers the complete package for your pool: construction, refitting and maintenance.

Revolutionary mobile water laboratory

With our mobile ultra-modern WaterLink Spin we analyse on-site the water of your pool within one minute. The levels of chlorine, acidity, calcium and many other agents are measured accurately, so that you never have to worry about damaging levels! The data is processed by the software of the system, and it is stored and compared.
If you want to know more, contact us now, or ask for more information regarding swimming pool maintenance or construction.

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